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Feb 21, 2018

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Woman Happy in Red Sports Car

How a local woman drove away in a sports car despite bad credit

Bad credit, no credit. If either of these situations applies to you, don’t worry. With online auto loan providers, there are many ways to get financed for a new vehicle these days.

Just ask April, a Canadian single mom of three who just landed a sweet loan for a new sports car. After spending years sacrificing her own needs and wants in order to provide for her children, April decided to treat herself with a new set of wheels.

Unfortunately, co-signing on loans for her children, racking up huge credit card bills, buying college textbooks, and a past bankruptcy after a medical situation left her unable to work for nearly two years; and left her with less-than-desirable credit.

April was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to get the car of her dreams. After all the hard times, the days of scrimping to buy milk and food for her children and letting her own dreams fall by the wayside, she may not be able to fulfill her own wants and desires.

And what she wanted was that kicky red-hot sports car at a nearby dealership. However, when she began researching online auto loan providers, April discovered that those who specialize in car loans for buyers with special credit circumstances have a number of tools and resources that she could use.

Delighted by her findings, April filled out an application. She refused to get her hopes up, but was pleasantly surprised when the next day she received an email letting her know that her application was approved.

April now has a renewed outlook on life. Her days of struggling are over. With a hot new sports car, she drives around town with confidence – and no one would ever dream that she has "bad credit".