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Feb 21, 2018

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Man and Friends in his new Car Laughs at Bank while Driving by

Man laughs as he drives by the bank that turned him down for a car loan

The recent downturn in the economy forced Dave, a Canadian driver who works hard every day for his family, to remain in the same car for years. Now that his financial outlook is brighter, he found himself in need of a new car.

This was an exciting prospect for Dave until he walked into a bank and spent hours explaining his financial situation to a stuffy banker sitting behind a desk. This banker could have cared less about the fact that Dave was successfully re-building his credit or that he was now gainfully employed and up-to-date on all his bills. No, all this banker cared about was the Dave’s numbers and the all-important bottom line.

That day, Dave left feeling completely overwhelmed and emotionally drained.

What this family man discovered is that unfortunately, some financial decisions made in the past are coming back to haunt him. Traditional banks such as the one Dave visited have tightened approval guidelines, leaving drivers like him with dinged credit without financing for the car his family so desperately needs to make it through Canada’s harsh winters.

Dave turned to friends, who recommended he check out an online car loan service. Within a few short minutes, Dave applied for financing using an online form that was brief and asked only absolutely necessary questions. Then he checked his email inbox for instructions on how to track his loan application progress. Within hours he received notification that his application was approved.

He was amazed the process was that simple, and it really was.

Dave and his family love their reliable new car. They love it so much, in fact, that today Dave gets a kick out of driving past that old bank that originally turned him down for financing.

These days, however, instead of feeling defeated, Dave feels elated behind the wheel of his fantastic new car.

Don’t risk being told "No". Take that first step like Dave did and apply online today. Then you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank just like Dave.