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Feb 21, 2018

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End of My Rope

I was at the end of my rope...

I was having a hard few months, financially-speaking and yet I still needed to somehow find a way to buy a new car. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has ever been in a situation like this - however I still felt very alone and unsure of what to do to access the financing I needed.

You see, I had tried to get a car loan through my bank; however because of my bad credit and current financial instability, I was declined the financing I desperately needed. At this point frankly, I was at the end of my rope…then I met Brian.

Who is Brian, you may ask? He is a new acquaintance who had a previous experience much the same as mine. The difference is that he was able to get the financing he needed for his new car - so then why couldn’t I? Well this basically had to do with the lack of pre-existing knowledge I had about alternative lending options. Brian, on the other hand, was well-versed in the subject and was able to clue me in on some of the finer details. Finally, I had some more hope that I would be able to buy a new car.

Brian’s story goes some like this - he found out about the company, Auto Credit Deals and that through them, car loans were obtainable for a diverse range of financial situations. You see, the beauty of this company is that they specialize in bad credit car loans typically deemed too shaky for a traditional bank to approve.

Instead of focusing on the credit score however, Auto Credit Deals will concentrate on your ability to repay the loan, your employment history – and above all – your need for a car. From firsthand experience, Brian saw how committed Auto Credit Deals was to matching him to a lender so he could obtain the vehicle he needed to help them with their daily life and work demands. As a result, it is Auto Credit Deals goal to make the car loan process more accessible and stress-free for Canadians - regardless of their financial situation.

From Brian, I also learned that connecting to a lender through Auto Credit Deals is very straightforward. From their website or by speaking with a rep from the company, you can navigate the loan process in a few short steps. As well, directly from the site potential borrowers will quickly learn what types of vehicles they can afford as well as what their loan payments and the overall parameters of their loan can look like.

To top that off, Brian told me that I would only need to enter some brief personal details, and while employment information is typically required, there is no need to include a social insurance number. So - as you can see, unlike some other car loan companies, the overall loan process is simple and hassle-free.

Then once you have completed the first few steps, you will have narrowed down your ideal vehicle selection and identified the nature of what your monthly loan payments will look like. In the end you will be connected with a lender who can offer you the criteria that meets your personal car loan needs. As the main facilitator for these car loans, Auto Credit Deals places borrowers in direct contact with a lender who will work with them to achieve shared vehicle financing goals.

While it is true, I had previously felt I had little to no car loan options, after meeting Brian and hearing his story, I became more hopeful and even excited about my upcoming vehicle purchase. My prospects as a future loan borrower are definitely looking up - and I am so glad to hear that companies like these exist to offer car loans to individuals even if they have the weight of bad credit wearing them down.

What can I say? Well, first of all I need to thank Brian - you really helped to make me see that I do have options for car loans - outside of the traditional bank route. Now, new car – here I come…