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Feb 21, 2018

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Buying a Car in 2015

Buying a Car in the Year 2015 - How Things have Changed

This month, I learned something very interesting about the car loan/car buying process. In recent years, there has been a major shift in how people now go about shopping for a new vehicle. Nowadays, a large percentage of individuals rely on the internet for many steps pertaining to the car buying process.

While it comes as no surprise that most people these days perform the majority of their research as well as online shopping online these days - these days these actions now extend to car shopping. I was blown away to find out that many individuals don’t even step foot on the dealership lot in certain cases!

Some surveys are finding that around 45% of people expect to buy their next car online…that’s staggering!

In order to keep up, it seems many auto dealers are fine-tuning their online car purchasing services to cater to these online-only buying trends. The Millennial generation may be the largest group that wants to take advantage of these services, as they were the ones who mostly grew up with the constant presence of computers and the internet for most of this time as well. While this last point was not new news to me, it did help me feel like buying a car online could be a more realistic option for me - even saving me a lot of time in the process.

Researching Online

Now, I found that the best place to start was to take to the internet and research the variety of vehicles that may interest me the most. This step helped me narrow down my top vehicle contenders, as well as compare some different models, features, and of course - pricing.

While dealers are also focusing their efforts on online car buyers - they will also recommend that potential drivers still visit the lots and test drive some vehicles. I can also attest to this part, as I went and test drove a few vehicles on my list, after I performed my initial online search. When I drove these cars, it really made a huge difference in helping me narrow down this list even further.

It is still important to get a feel for how different cars handle - and then make your decisions to factor in these insights as well. While I may have originally had 4 or 5 vehicles on my short list - I reduced this list even further - down to 2 models after I test drove each.

Following the test driving phase, back to the internet it was for me. By shopping online for cars, you may also find a larger selection of vehicles and comparable prices that you might find if you are only searching on the dealership lot. In fact, you might just find some more competitive prices through this search versus visiting the dealer in person.

By seeing these prices online, prior to buying my new car, I was given another chance to review my finances and determine what vehicles and financing options may be the most reasonable. This then prepare me for the next step - applying for a car loan.

Applying for Car Loans Online

Again, isn’t it wonderful that you can apply for your loan without even having to step foot in a bank or a dealership? If you are looking for auto loans with more options - it may be that online is the best way to compare many loans at one time. Once you have found a favourable price range, you can then hop back online and apply for your loan. You can apply directly from the site you have identified as your top company loan facilitator or lender.

My top choice for auto credit source was Auto Credit Deals. Auto Credit Deals provides an easy to follow car loan application and in only a few steps, you can find out the information you want to know about what car loans and vehicles are available to you.

Additionally, I was pleased to know that having poor credit should not prevent me from obtaining a car loan, as Auto Credit Deals’ number one goal is to help individuals like me. They help individuals across Canada secure the car loans they need - regardless of the confinements of their current credit situation.

Thanks to the new and improved online car loan applications, I was able to locate Auto Credit Deals directly from the internet, apply online and move even closer towards securing my car loan financing.

I will tell you that I saved so much time preparing for the car buying process by examine all of the online opportunities at my disposal. If you want to take that next step and finally buy your next - or first car, I highly recommend taking advantage of this new wave of online car buying. I’m sure it’s only bound to get easier and easier as time goes on…